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Born: New York City  |  Current residency: Los Angeles (Since 1987)  |  Education: M.A. English Lit (Brandeis U.)  | Languages: English, Italian, Spanish, French

andrew shalat

andrew shalat currently teaches graphic design at Chapman University, and acts as Head of the Graphic Design Degree program at Sessions College (online/distance learning). He has spoken and instructed at Macworld Expo (later, Macworld|iWorld) from 1999 through 2013. He has been a designer and writer for over 25 years. He bought his first Mac in 1985 after seeing once in a friend's architecture studio in Florence, Italy, where he was living at the time. Since then he has done both design and writing on the Mac. His articles about the Mac and Mac software, graphic design and publishing technologies have appeared in many publications, including Macworld, and (for which he was a columnist, writing "Shalat's Web"). He has written 3 books: How to Do Everything With Online Video, Do It Yourself Mac Projects, published by McGraw-Hill, in association with CNET, and MacDesign Out of the Box, published by Inside Mac Press, in conjunction with Peachpit, Andrew's design work covers a large range of media, including book, CD and DVD covers, brochures, catalogs, outdoor signage, print ads, artwork, logos, flash and web design, and grocery lists. Over the past three decades, he's taught literature, writing, web design, and print design. He has lived in Los Angeles since 1987.